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Welcome Writers!

Just so you know!

Story Aide is not a real site!

This site and all subsequent forms were done in response to a College School assignment.

Thank you
Jess McClary

Areas of Assitance

  • Brainstorming
  • Story Development
  • Character Development
  • Scene Development
  • Grammar/Writing Style
  • Genre Help
  • Writer's Block hiatus
  • Advice/Tips
  • Resource
  • Research Sources

Let's be honest for a moment shall we? Writing isn't easy. You can read a dozen or more books about the subject and still feel like you're barely scratching the surface.

It's exhausting, emotionally gut wrenching, and filled with so many land mines it's a miracle writers can't be identified by bald heads and bloodshot eyes. Wouldn't it be nice to have people to run to that understand completely how hard it is for you? Someone who has been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and never left?

We thought so too, and in answer we give you Story Aide. Here you can find fellow writers like yourself. We've cried, we've screamed, we've stared at the computer screen waiting for inspiration to hit. We understand that calling on the Muse of Inspiration is not something that can be done at a moments notice.

So stop chewing that nail, sighing as you turn to surf the net instead of putting word to print. Take a look around and see for yourself. Our faithful muse isn't some idealistic young woman. No, here at Story Aide, we are the Muse to each other. We'll help you through it whatever road bump you have. We'll poke, prod, pull, and nag you as much or as little as you want. The level of involvement is completely up to you.

Interested? Sighing with relief? Great, take a sneak peek at our community to see what we provide. Showing is much better than telling after all. Once you see it for yourself and decide to join us, we'd be more than happy to have you.

Story Aide